Thanksgiving Break ’16

Greetings everyone!

Freshman year has hit me really hard and I feel like I’ve been running 100 miles a minute. Thankfully, my hard work has payed off so far. Since I worked ahead of schedule, I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and take a break from schoolwork. This Thanksgiving my family and I spent it with loved ones in Ohio. We enjoyed seeing everyone and had a wonderful time. Below I’ve attached two pic collages I made on our car ride home, a list of what we did over break, and a few family photos. The first pic collage has a few photos from Thanksgiving Day and the second has photos from our mini photoshoot. By “our”, I mean my cousins, Catherine and Ella, and my sister, Emily.


In just four and a half days we…

Had our annual girl’s photoshoot,

Drank seasonal Starbucks coffees (x2),

Watched Hallmark Christmas (too many times to count),

Contributed to the preparation of 10,000 meals for those in need,

Took family photos (finally),

Ran a 5k turkey trot (and almost died),

Ate a very, very large Thanksgiving meal,

Enjoyed an early Christmas gift exchange,

Ate chocolate lasagna,

Went shopping at Target & Ulta till 12:00am,

Went Black Friday shopping all day,

Watched Home Alone 2,

Made pancakes, waffles, crepes, and cinnamon rolls,


Took many photos and made many, many memories


Lastly, here are a few family photos we took over break.


Happy Holidays!

Love, Liv