Work In Progress.

Wow, I can’t believe It’s been over four months since my last blog post. Frustratingly enough, I had many, many posts I had planned and was excited about. So, why didn’t I take the time to write and share them? Well I’m not really sure. All I know is I’m a bit of a perfectionist and the pressure of making my blog as amazing as all the other blogs I love, was really high. Obviously, none of those blogs started out as amazing as they are now and I think I’m slowly beginning to learn that. I guess I’m trying to say, although I wish I would have wrote about some of the awesome things I’ve experienced recently, I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. After all, I blog because I love it not because I have to. So, even though it’s not the new year, I’m going to make some resolutions (goals). I want my blog to be somewhere where I record memories I never want to forget, share amazing experiences and thoughts, and more. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to fully commit to my blog and honestly I’m not sure I ever will. So, I’m just going to blog whenever I get the chance and not stress about it, because, well, anyone who knows me knows I stress way too much.

Before I end this post, I want to share a few photos from Interlochen. This summer I had the incredible opportunity to spend three weeks at the Interlochen School of the Arts. I completed the acting intensive and had an absolutely amazing time. I think I’ll save the details for later (I’m hoping on writing all about my experience later this month).








I know there’s not a lot to this post, but since It’s been so long, I thought I’d start with a little “recommitment” so to say.  This post is definitely a little out of my comfort zone, so let me know what you think! 😝

Love, Liv


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress.

  1. Hey Liv! Was just scrolling through your comments on my blog and thought I would check out yours too! Photography is REALLY good, and your style is awesome. I look forward to seeing more posts x

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